The role of planing machine

Main characteristics of machine tool machine tool:
Longmen type, upper and lower material convenient.
The hydraulic system, pressure tight, not embossing plate, pressure stability.
Machine return fast. Running smoothly, mute, high efficiency.
Three axis numerical control, machining accuracy.
Applicable to the elevator, decorative materials, stainless steel processing, home appliances, props, such as the need for high precision machining of sheet metal industry. Steel plate welding structure, annealing aging treatment, good stability, high precision, high efficiency, labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced.
Plane slot machine, machine tool main characteristic:
1: machine tool with high strength steel plate welding, heat treatment and heat treatment of heat preservation and tempering of the welding stress, high strength, good stability.
2: the processing of the workpiece from the front into, the hydraulic clamping, hydraulic pressure plate, a high degree of automation, easy to operate.
3: the working surface can be adjusted independently, the cutting precision can be controlled in 0.02mm.
4: the rest of the servo drive, large moving torque, acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning, high efficiency.
5: the main shaft uses the gear rack drive, the rigidity is strong, the resistance is small, the big range increases energy efficiency, saves the energy.
6: the position of the groove is controlled by servo numerical control, double screw rod synchronous drive, accurate positioning, good parallelism.
7: after the machine tool positioning platform through pipe connection, ensure the smooth surface, reduce the surface deformation caused by error.


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