The advantages of planing machine

Plane slot machine to improve working efficiency. Using high power tool motor, before the installation of 2 high speed steel cutter, after installation of the three hard alloy molding cutter, once the largest plane cutting depth of 1.2 mm. The cutting efficiency is 5 times higher than the traditional model. Is one of the most advanced plane slot machines in the world.
Plane slot machine to extend the service life of the equipment. Because of the new products using carbon tool steel production table, high frequency quenching after the hardness of HRC55-60, the hardness of the working table is greater than the hardness of the stainless steel plate, so the wear is very small, and there are 4 surface can be changed. Thoroughly solve the problem of long time work due to low hardness and the emergence of groove marks.
Gouging machine adopts evacuation material structure, fixed beams, work table can be replaced, completely solve the work surface deformation problem, ensure the work surface flatness + 0.03mm, solve the problem of affecting the quality of slotted depth accuracy.


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