Planing machine performance and characteristics

The main performance and characteristics of the numerical control planer:
1, the machine tool uses high strength steel plate welding, the heat treatment heat treatment heat preservation processing, eliminates the welding stress, the strength is high, the body is not deformed, the stability is good.
2, the processing of the workpiece from the front into, the hydraulic press, the press press press press press material, the automation level is high, the operation is convenient and quick.
3, the working surface can be adjusted independently, the cutting precision can be controlled in 0.02mm.
4, the rest of the servo drive, large, mobile torque, acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning, high efficiency.
5, the main axis of the gear rack transmission, rigid, small resistance, greatly improve energy efficiency, save energy.
6, the position of the groove is controlled by servo numerical control, double screw rod synchronous drive, accurate positioning, good parallelism.
7, the machine positioning platform through pipe connection, ensure the smooth surface, reduce the surface deformation caused by error.


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