Planing machine maintenance

Maintenance and maintenance
   In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, cut the guide, ball screw, cutting tool wear. All the activities of the machine tool, should be all right on schedule, so the following points are necessary to pay attention to:
   1, before starting the machine, hand to gather oiling device is operated, the planing knife frame parts of smooth, twice per shift, tube position movable parts using the grease gun to add the butter to smooth once a week.
   2, the end of the operation, operation of hydraulic clamp on the guide slot of the debris is necessary to eradicate clean.
   3, machine tools often insist on clean.
   4, gouging, programming feed are not too large, to avoid damage to the tool and the material pressing instability.
   5, write the pressure oil filtration is necessary, to ensure that the oil cleaning (see timing, pressure oil transformation need to be replaced)
   6, the machine should use the pressure oil model for ISO-VG46o
   7, under normal operating conditions, the oil level should be in the dipstick 2/3, must not be lower than the red line.



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